July 12, 2011  by catherine osbond

Catherine Osbond comes from an artistic background. Her mother was also a professional artist, and her Great Grandfather was a sculptor. Catherine first studied Architecture at University College, London and then went on to study Fine Art and Printing at Middlesex University. She has is recent years also studied at The Slade, UCL, London.

For over twenty years Catherine taught Art and Design at various schools and colleges of Further and Adult Education. She is now director of East Devon Art Academy.

Catherine is a practising artist who specialises in expressive figures, family groups and landscapes of the South West. She endeavours to capture the effect of light in skies and across water. She works in all media but especially in oils, acrylics and watercolour.

Catherine has exhibited in London and the South West. She is represented by the Triton and Surridge galleries in the South West. She has her work in private collections across Europe and America.

In addition Catherine has illustrated books and has had greetings cards published.